The new children Permanence helps small emergencies

The new children Permanence helps small emergencies

Cough, runny nose, stomach pain or mild fever – these symptoms, doctors described as “trivial emergencies” which crowd has always been the waiting rooms of emergency rooms in children’s hospitals. The children Permanence at Zurich main station would offer an alternative.

If the doctor is not available, many parents look at symptoms no other option than to bring her child to the hospital.

They endure long waits to be to the doctor often for no more than a recipe for cough syrup or a more or less satisfactory explanation received. The need for emergency clinics that specialize in deliberately to minor emergencies, is large. A wider range would be in terms of both parents, which are the symptoms of their children often puzzled over, and in the sense of emergency physicians in hospitals, who can therefore focus on more pressing emergencies. The main aim of such practices is an emergency, quickly and effectively alleviate the pain of the child and to calm in a pleasant environment.

Permanence is not the children should remember a hospital
On 1 November opened, unique in Switzerland, children Permanence on busy Bahnhofstrasse in place following this central goal obviously. On the fourth floor of a major building every visitor is welcomed in the elegant lobby friendly. The wide window wall between the reception and waiting room offers the prospect on the Zurich main station and the Zurich mountain. The visitor immediately notices that the children Permanence with location and device would cause a possible hospital distant, serene atmosphere.

Sitting in the waiting room just after opening time at twelve clock only two patients with their mothers. The children, who are waiting for their doctor’s visit seems to have forgotten the pain almost as if they see the generous wall painting that is suitable to the aquarium in the center of the room an underwater world with the cartoon hero Nemo. A little boy sitting with his mother in the waiting room shows alternately thrilled to the vibrant and painted on the fish and calling incessantly: “! Nemo»

“Mural and Aquarium are clearly the highlights for the kids,” says Michael Meier, co-owner and project manager of the children Permanence. His business partner and chief pediatrician Attila Molnar added: “Last week was not below 39 degrees high fever suffering child after his visit to the doctor to go home because he wanted to watch the fish in the aquarium!” Responsible for the painting of the walls is Molnar’s cousin, a Hungarian children’s book illustrator who has beautified both the waiting room and treatment rooms with murals.

As the children came Permanence
The idea and concept of Permanence children are, just like the wall-decoration, somehow “family affair,” says the St. Gallen doctor Molnar. “Two years ago I met at the birthday party of my sister and her friends Michael Meier Anju Rupal. Both asked me why I would not post your own doctor’s office. But since I had placed the focus of my career conscious to the emergency treatment, the doctor’s own practice was long an issue. The two then proposed to combine the two and develop an emergency surgery. ”

Thus, the foundation was laid for the children Permanence. The physician Michael Meier Attila Molnar offered his support for the team of medical specialists and the contractor Anju Rupal took care of now to the management and information work for the privately funded emergency surgery. “Within two years, we have the children Permanence into reality,” Molnar says proudly. Only eight weeks they needed for the conversion of the 300-square-meter premises directly to Zurich train station.

“More than a stethoscope, I did not!”
Has the emergency practice their teething, her first breakdown? Margins were in the strict sense there is as yet no such Molnar. However, he admits that the practice is not already in the final, “ground” state was opened. On the website is the weak still, the TV in the waiting room was installed a few days ago and the sterile white of the treatment rooms and the long corridor will jazzed in the coming weeks, with splashes of color. The senior pediatrician Molnar does but not much from the small start defects: “Bring More than a stethoscope and patient I did not have to start” Looking back, he says, are “Organizationally it in new projects to do a thousand things more. So we were happy at the beginning, we were not overwhelmed with patients. ”

Currently doctors treat in children’s Permanence an average of eight patients per day. During weekends, the average increased to over 20 young patients aged 0 to 16 years. Four of the six treatment rooms have been set up only spartan, an x-ray room is also only in the planning stage, since the effective value of such investment is still unclear. “We are pleased with the results in the first month completely satisfied. Now we hope for word-of-mouth advertising to increase our brand awareness, “says the project Molnar, who had prior to the repair of the children Permanence long worked in intensive care, most recently at the Lausanne hospital.

Child Permanence: A relief for the children’s hospital?
About 70 percent of patients who previously sought out the children came Permanence, because small disasters in practice: coughs, colds, other infections. The everyday things but also includes small surgical procedures, such as suturing. Molnar had already can bring a patient by ambulance to Children’s Hospital. “Such cases are, however, in emergency surgeries as our more the exception,” he explains. “Young patients in serious condition from their parents ever once taken to Children’s Hospital rather than to us.”

Markus Malagoli, director of the Zurich Children’s Hospital, said some time ago in an interview with the news agency sda that “KiSpi” would consider the children Permanence not as competition. You might even develop into a useful supplement. Attila Molnar finds that such an interim report could be made only after several months. Yet he could not prove with exact figures as to whether the children Permanence is a relief for the children’s hospital, which last year saw more “trivial emergencies” than ever.

“We take for the emergency patient enough time”
Parents often fear that the illness of their children underestimated by physicians and their seriousness is lessened. Whether treatment at an emergency physician who does not know the medical history, could replace the family doctor at an urgent incident at all? Molnar believes. He and the pediatrician’s practice to take enough time for the patient, in order to acquire the knowledge necessary for emergency treatment. Of course, it need at a deeper underlying medical examine, as a simple cold, the doctor explained.

An article in the Daily Gazette last April it was mentioned that the project began to introduce a telephone and online counseling to the debate was. Molnar, who is committed to a careful treatment of his patients would like to clarify this statement. “A pure telephone or online counseling I would find difficult to us,” says the pediatrician. Until now, they had not trained and trained professionals for such an offer, as it has for example the phone SWICA health advice

“For such consultations have to be designed that is specific. Certain symptoms may particularly in children from a harmless fever of meningitis in various diseases indicate. “Telephone counseling is only useful for patients already known, so Molnar. The parents in this case are also informed of the offer and encouraged to use – but not otherwise.

Half an hour after opening time already make some children more before the aquarium big eyes, mothers and fathers try their kids with toys and picture books to distract from the discomfort. In the reasonable medical team of Permanence children could avoid long waiting times are a real challenge. “The goal is to keep the waiting times at the most 30 minutes.

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