Maintaining and Monitoring Your Heart Health

Maintaining and Monitoring Your Heart Health

Maintaining and Monitoring Your Heart Health

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Heart health is a topic that has been discussed in health circles all over the globe, but there are still many people who do not pay attention to the body’s most important organ. Pharmaceutical companies are thriving by prescribing a plethora of drugs, but nobody really wants to spend their days strapped to a patient monitor or an EKG machine, and drugs can only do so much to stop that from happening. Heart disease is still among the leading killers of people in the United States, Australia, England, Wales and Canada, and is the second leading killer for people living in South Africa. The best way to avoid that same fate is active prevention.

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again; diet and exercise are the most important factors in maintaining a healthy heart. Simply watching your fat and cholesterol intake can be your saving grace. Men and women are both at risk for heart disease, despite the discrepancy in statistics.

If you replace one snack a day with fresh fruit, and walk just two hours a week, you can make a huge difference in your chances of developing heart disease. Small changes are still valuable changes. Certain variables such as weight and family history can add to your risk, and if you are more susceptible, it is important that you make big changes to your diet and exercise.

There are quite a few vices that have been shown to lower the risk for heart disease. Those who consume red wine and those who are sexually active are possibly lowering their risk, though other risks will increase. The red wine is a relatively good source of antioxidants, and there are components of grape skin that increase HDL cholesterol levels (good) and decrease chances of blot clots. The sexual activity is relatively easy to explain: any physical activity is going to reduce the risks of heart damage and disease, while positive hormones have a beneficial effect on the body as well as the mind.

For those that already have shaky heart health, you have probably experienced more than your share of tubes and patient monitors in hospitals. These days you can monitor your own heart health with portable EKG machines and other EKG supplies, rather than spending hours at the hospital for simple check-ups. If you are aware of your heart health problems, a portable EKG machine can be a great investment. Not only can it help you prevent strokes and cardiac arrest, it can also help increase the quality of the life you have left to live by keeping you out of hospitals!

Now that you are able to manage your heart health, there are ways to reverse heart disease and damage. You guessed it—the same ways you prevent heart disease are the ways you reverse it. A healthy lifestyle is the ticket to a long and healthy life. Make simple changes in your diet today! Opt for that banana rather than those chips, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. You’ll be glad you did.

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