Two Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Two Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Exercises and diet are two main determinants of Weight loss. You cannot Lose weight without these two main factors. If you managed to lose weight through surgery (fat liposuction) also you need to maintain your weight later through diet and exercises. There’s no short cut for losing weight. In lieu with that, you need to practice strict diet and regular exercises to lose weight.

However, what are the best exercises to lose weight? And what are the best exercises to lose weight quickly? Or are you still searching of type of exercises to lose weight fast? Hence are those exercises to lose weight quickly providing any sight effects in long term? There are so many types of exercises that we know thus which one is the best to lose weight? Some exercise to lose weight is through in door whereas some are outdoors. Indoor exercises less required on oxygen intake whereas outdoor activities are more emphasis on oxygen taking. Outdoor exercises also called as cardio exercises. Based on recommendation from expert, cardio exercises are the best exercise to lose weight. However which exercises is the best exercises to lose weight? Let’s take a minute to think now.


Swimming is a sport that attracts people of all ages. They are one of the most popular recreational sports that can be enjoyed by everyone. They are wide range of swimming sports inclusive of like water skiing, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, rowing etc. Swimming is an injury free sport and was found the best exercises to lose weight besides jogging. Swimming helps in burning calories. They provide total calories burning for our body. Swimming considered as the complete exercises that touched on every part of our body. Swimming involved muscle stretching of our body especially on certain body part like thigh, tummy and arm. Swimming also strengthen your breath navigation system for functioning well although you first intention to practice them is for exercises to lose weight fast. These exercises to lose weight take little time to practice but manage to produce results within shorten period. They are the best exercise to lose weight by all means. Thus the best time to practice swimming is on morning.


Jogging is another “better” exercise to lose weight? Why I said jogging is the better exercises to lose weight quickly? Thus jogging is a type of cardio exercises that comprises of oxygen. As far as concern, cardio exercises are good for body as well as losing weight. Jogging effectively increases the speed of body metabolism. When your body metabolism become faster, more calories are burned. Throughout the calories burning process, you managed to cut your weight down. As such they are considered as the most healthy and best exercises to lose weight. Furthermore, jogging is the best exercises to lose weight for all. This referring to no matter which age level currently you are. Whether you are a grandfather or a teenager, jogging definitely is the best exercise to lose weight for you. Finally what I would like to stress here is the best time of jogging is on morning or evening. This is because of these two time slots provides the highest oxygen intake for your body